Whether Miami or Capri, Asia Argento or Leighton Meester, Siriano or starlet, 'tis the season for eye-popping glitz. And that's an understatement:

I don't know from Miami's Klutch nightclub, but given Kellan Lutz's muscle-beach Artful Dodger getup at the opening, I think I can die happily without ever darkening, and being summarily turned away from, its doors.

Tiziana Rocca, at the Capri film festival, obviates the good of tights and boots, warmth-wise.

Christian Siriano, in uniform, at Klutch.

Eugenia Chernyshova, in Capri, seems to have lifted her entire wardrobe from a Jayne Mansfield film. And that's no insult.

...exhibit C.

Leighton Meester's making a career of sartorial cheek - and, apparently, club openings.

Kinda love Asia Argento doing demure - wouldn't it be fun to be inherently subversive without lifting a finer?

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