This month's Cosmo includes a "Make Your Own Nude" paper doll. We're all for adult arts and craft projects, but Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey? Here are some sexier head options you can cut out and hang in your locker.

Cosmo may be into a pretty boy famous for singing and dancing through the halls of his high school, but we're more interested in men. Mad Men, to be exact.

Jon Hamm makes a pretty good nude, but you don't have to be ridiculously dapper and taller than 6' to catch our eye. Hell, you can even be significantly shorter if you're as funny as Jon Stewart.

We don't discriminate against older men either. See what you're missing Cosmo? Sir Ian McKellen would have brought his own props to the shoot. (Note: Lord of the Rings fans will have to draw in a tattoo of the Elvish character for "9" on their paper doll's shoulder.)

It's hard to make a bawdy President Obama with the paper doll provided by Cosmo. We noticed the editors' attempt at racial sensitivity with the Mario Lopez head, but didn't they get the memo about the word "nude" after Lucky did this</>?

David's just excited that he got to preserve a little modesty here.

Barbie would go for this head, unless there's just a molded plastic bump under that towel.

Here's one for you conservative ladies! (OK, it's actually for our liberal enemies.)

Are there any other male celebrities you'd like to see disrobed? Feel free to turn the comments into your own (Levi Johnston-free) issue of Playgirl!

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