The 14th Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Festival kicked off last night, with cleavage, porn 'staches, and… Jesse Eisenberg? Yes, Jesse Eisenberg.

Actress Eugenia Chernyshova's bra is showing. Good thing she's the one who bought the Victoria's Secret Harlequin Fantasy Bra!

Pascal Vicedomini doesn't seem to mind - and he has a perfect view.

This interview kind of made me intrigued by Jesse Eisenberg. So does his charming awkwardness in pinstripes.

Imogen Poots, meanwhile, is making flats work, look sweet - in Italy, no less! Dig a dame with backbone.

Speaking of being Francesco Scianna is rocking quite the 70s porn aesthetic, no? Sì.

Spanish actress Angela Molina is trying to draw us into her web. I am being drawn, as surely as a child by the Grand High Witch. A child not warned by a Norwegian grandmother.

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