Once again it's time for our yearly roundup of the most trafficked posts on the site, and this year the list is made up of everything from plus-sized models to photoshop horrors to happy childhood memories. Ahead, a look back.

25. Horrifying Last House On The Left Rape Scene Only Merits R Rating

24.Latex, Sex & A Burning Sensation: An Analysis Of Lady Gaga's New Vid

23.Amazon Drops Rape Simulation Video Game

22.Just One Of The Boys

21. I Am The Anonymous Model

20.What Constitutes A "Porn Addiction?"

19. Buffy Shuts Down Edward Cullen In The Best Clip Ever

18. America's Next Top Models: Where Are They Now?

17. Vanity Fair: Not In Favor Of Naked Men

16. Photoshop Of Horrors Hall Of Fame: 2000-2009

15. 10 Awesome Moments From Sesame Street

14. 70's Children's Book Depicts Penetration, Crowning

13. Eminem's New Video Mocks Women, Lesbians, Bret Michaels, Himself

12. "Mermaid Girl" Shiloh Pepin Appears On Oprah

11. 35 Celebrities Who Smoke Pot

10. Ralph Lauren's Ridiculous Photoshop; More Ridiculous Rage

9. Someone On Reality TV Finally Busts An Implant

8. Chris Rock On Roman Polanski: "It's Rape! Rape!"

7. Objectum Sexuality: When Relationships With Objects Become Intimate

6. The Meaning Of "Jai Ho"

5. Nothing Says "School Spirit" Like Performing Obscene Acts On A Cheerleader

4.9 Things About Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend

3. 20 Famous Big Dicks

2.Glamour Shocks Readers By Featuring Model's Plus-Size Belly

1. Abercrombie Banishes Girl With Prosthetic Arm To Storeroom Because She Doesn't Fit The "Look Policy"


So there you have it! Keep in mind that these aren't necessarily our favorite posts, just the most trafficked. Feel free to add your favorite posts/moments of the year in the comments!