The trends of the 00s may have been the worst, but our commenters are the best, gamely handing over pics of their worst fashion missteps of the past 10 years. Ahead, awesomeness and hilarity ensue.

Reader: piratabeata "This is me (piratabeata) and my best friend from high school circa 2003. My sister gave me those pleather pants from Hot Topic when I turned sixteen, and you better believe they were a staple of my early aughts wardrobe, along with the cat collar choker. I wore them so much they cracked. You also probably never saw me without pigtails for the better part of 2000-2004. I kind of wish this was a full length picture so you could see the ridiculous Spice Girl-esque platform shoes that I was rocking, too. I like how my best friend was trying so hard to look like a Catholic schoolgirl. We knew we were awesome."

Reader: cinematheques "Halloween, 2007. Halloween is always a good time to find something terrible (and in this case, classic as well) at a thrift store and build a costume around it. I just put flour and a stream of lipstick under my nose, coupled with some pretty gross fishnets with holes and VOILA ! I am an 80s coke queen. Also, I really, really, really don't condone fake eyelashes. Ouchies. I pretty much look the same, but back to my natural hair color."

Reader: maneki neko "Photo from the fall of 2003. The early 00s fashions could not have possibly been more ill-suited to my body, or anyone's, really. Remember how all the shirts were realllllllllly short, and all the pants were reallllllllllllly low cut? I sure do. For someone with a long torso like me, this was an unbelievably cruel fate, and I ended up looking pretty silly until tunics finally came into fashion. I remember thinking this top was really cute, probably because of the bell sleeves (remember those?), even though looking at this photo now you can see that I'm one sholder movement away from exposing my naval. And I'm pretty sure those are Mudd jeans, flared, naturally. I have absolutely no explanation for my hair, but I can't stop laughing."

Reader: Catie "This is a picture of my sister, Allie, and I from 2004. We are rocking the newsboy cap trend a la Britney. I am wearing a polo shirt and for some reason my sister has long fake orange nails. The pose was meant to be silly. I pretty much laugh every time I see this picture lol The title of it is particularly 00's…it's named after that segment called Sucker Free Sunday that aired on MTV2."

Reader: Raina "My friend and I (I'm on the right) at our Senior Prom... nice hair knots!!"

Reader: Raina "My mom would often snap photos of us on our way out the door on our way to school. This whole outfit kills me, and if you look really close, you can see tiny plastic butterfly clips in my hair!"

Reader: Kate "Me and my best friend at a high school semi-formal dance in 2002. I am the blonde... i.e. the one who thought it was appropriate to wear a faux-suede mini-skirt, matching hat, and hooker boots to a semi-formal. It's all so mortifying."

Reader: Avery "This picture, taken in '05, chronicles me in the height of my new york hipsterdom - I'm wearing pink neon zebra print tights, a neon blue top (that is sparkly?) and huge plastic earrings. The worst part about this is my "I'm hot shit" expression when I am so clearly not."

Reader: Adriana "Me in my college art studio, 2001. please note the janeane garofalo bangs, "ironic" backstreet boys shirt, metallic grey raver skirt and chunky black shoes with white stars on the toes. i think this entire outfit was from Hot Topic."

Reader: Bianca "I was my Law Student then-boyfriend's date for the Barrister's Ball in 2005, and BF's BFF's then-GF showed up wearing the exact same tacky 80's throwback dress as me. It was totally "US Magazine Who Wore It Best." I think I did (I'm the blonde), but I'm clearly biased here."

Reader: Lauren "This was taken in the spring of 2001, in my high school sophomore history class. The jean jacket and the (probably shoplifted) lip gloss and the eye glitter are classic (and you can't even see all the glitter, my eyelids are coated with chunky silver Pixie Dust) but my favorite part of this picture is obviously the nameplate Sagittarius necklace, which i bought from (where else?) Delia*s."

Reader: lenamonster "I'm pretty sure this was taken in 2003 (aka the end of my high school years - I was very fashion-y adventurous then). I'm wearing a bright yellow fake sports-style shirt (with see-through holes so you have to wear another shirt under it), tons of my cheap jelly/plastic bracelets, a necklace that I strung myself, big yellow sunglasses, and a plaid beret."

Reader: JadeJag There was no description with this photo, but I think it sums up many of the trends of the era , don't you?

Reader: A Jolly " Hi there. I'm mostly just a lurker on Jezebel, but I thought I'd send in a submission anyway. On this day in 2001, the gods frowned upon me. A trucker hat that sais "SICK" on it, knee-high socks, "candy" bracelet, bleach blonde and pink pigtails, awkwardly fitting mans shorts...Disaster. I was dj-ing at a party in a park, where I got really drunk and did a lot of beatwrecking. An embarassing day all around. :( Enjoy."

Reader: Michaela "The first group picture was taken in 2002, at a 15th birthday party (held at an all-you-can-eat buffet). Stripey turtle-necks, jean jackets and converse sneakers were pretty hot in my group."

Reader: Michaela "The 2nd is from 2007...and yes, it was my MySpace profile pic for a long time. Emo-chic 4 lyfe, yo."

Reader: Jess "I'm pretty sure almost every teenage girl had a photo like this in the early 2000s. This photo was taken some time between 2002 and 2003. I really wanted to be "punk" in those days, so I saved up and bought myself a "Squire" electric and taught myself one song. I soon realized I looked absolutely stupid and didn't like electric guitar. Come to think of it, I was also obsessed with really ill-fitting fleece sweaters in those days. Wish I had a photo of that! Oh, I totally forgot to mention that my concept of "punk" at the time was (clearly) drawn entirely from Avril Lavigne. Everyone pretended they didn't want to be her and secretly spent every night listening to "complicated" on repeat. [Ed. This is totally true, you guys.]

Reader: Sarah "Year Taken: 2000 Description: My friend Jeanette (left) and me rocking one of the trends: the Asian character tee. We both wore the same type of shirt completely coincidentally; this shows how pervasive this particular trend was. I should point out that another friend's Chinese parents were pretty amused by all these shirts. Do we know what the hell they say? No. But it 'looks cool.'"

Reader: Gweedle "This was when I was 16 I believe, so around 2002-2003. My neon blue Le Tigre shirt, furry leopard print skirt, vintage pink jacket, paisley knee high stockings with maryjanes - one of many outfits where I tried to mesh a million styles together and failed miserably but thought I looked really cool."

Reader: Penny_Esq "Okay, so this was my 19th birthday, August 2000. This photo features chunky shoes, some kind of Eastern-religion-themed tee shirt, fake Chloe aviators, and an "edgy" twisty updo. As a bonus, my friend on the left is wearing a pink velour leopard print tank top and a feather boa. Also note that all three of us are sporting pleather pants, although that would be the one and only time I wore mine. We went to an underage club to dance, and as I commenced dropping it like it was hot, those pants split from zipper to ass crack AND down the insides of the legs, leaving my lady bits flapping in the breeze for all to admire. I had to shuffle out of the club sandwiched front-to-back between my two friends and still at least three guys tried to tip me. I never returned to that club, and I have never, EVER tried to drop it like it's hot again."