On a frigid New York night, Sherlock Holmes came to New York's Lincoln Center. And, amazingly, the stars still managed to look chic. Except when they just looked cold.

Whenever I mention the weather, someone is like, "you don't know cold/heat/snow/rain." I live in [insert region of extreme weather.]" But in the immortal words of my college friend Ben, "because it's cold one place, doesn't mean it isn't also cold somewhere else." (I was suggesting that he should find a cold day a cakewalk after growing up in the Klondike.) Anyway, all I'm saying is, single digit temps was awfully chilly for Blake Lively to be sporting an 1890s showgirl costume.

Can anyone see model Michelle Hicks' faux-imal extravaganza and not think of the immortal Singin' in the Rain lyric, "the sleeves are lined with monkey fur to lend a dash of drama."

The proportions of Ashley Greene's getup are dubious, highly dubious - but it's still a positive refinement on Jessica Biel's infamous Oscars "sauna towel", yes?

Jessica Szohr shops her closet, to good effect. I don't know how these other dames were functioning sans tights, frankly. Let alone sleeves.

I mean, take Eva Mendes: wouldn't you agree that the combination of wispy dress, tights and structured jacket actually looks cooler? (As well as warmer.)

Rachel McAdams is Adler. Rachel McAdams is also wearing a molded cornice around the bosom.

I kind of dig both Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock country house getup and Susan's Studio 54 costume - but I find myself wishing they were dressed for the same party.

I'll give Cody Horn (with President of Warner Bros. Alan Horn) the benefit of the doubt and assume her derby is in honor of the movie, because this is a trend so absurd as to be beyond parody.

Jonny Lee Miller wears a suit well, say what one will.

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