There are some really nice outfits in this Urban Outfitters catalog, but, apparently, they're meant to be worn when you're in a room by yourself.

This sweater is kind of cute, even if you suspect it might be itchy.

God I am a sucker for a girlish dress. I grew up on Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy and Shirley Temple, and there's a part of me that can't let go of the classic, full-skirted silhouette. Advanced users can add a headband for full-on Blair Waldorf.

Then again: Sexy is cool, too.

There is never a colder, harsher light than that of the sun on January First. May as well throw on some sequins and drink all the champagne yourself, sweetie. They're not coming.

"One is the loneliest number… I tried to cry into my poncho, but I stabbed myself in the eye with a stud."

Oh, hello. I love you. No, not you. I'm talking to your red suede shoes. Gimme.

Sometimes I hate UO, but everything here looks really goregous, even though these models are doing their best to hide the awesome from us.

Wow. Wow! Yes on the coat, the blouse, the skirt and the floral wall hanging. No on the shoes, but everything else is so great, I'm in a forgiving mood.

Sorry, I only have one word for this, and it is: CUUUUUUTE!

Sigh. I like everything here, too! What is going on? Has UO changed? Right when I was counting on its overwrought fuggery?

Oh. Hideous Hipster Slanket Thingy. I knew UO would not disappoint.

Urban Outfitters [Official Site]

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