Tim Burton has taken the sinister whimsy of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and, judging from the preview, dragged it through hell by way of Nam and Jefferson Airplane. Analyze with us...if you dare:

"There is a place like no other," says the voiceover, which is obviously Johnny Depp, even if you hadn't seen a hundred posters or didn't know that he's in every single Tim Burton film in a futile effort to not be considered incredibly handsome. By the way, I beg to differ: the underbrush of my parents' backyard looks a lot like this. Minus Puggsley Addams.

"Some say to survive it...you need to be as mad as a hatter!" No, actually, no one says that. Certainly not Lewis Carroll. That said, the Cheshire Cat face looks awesome.

"...which luckily, I am!" Heeeere's Johnny! With full-on smokey eye.

Alice, by the way, looks super disheveled and underdressed. No pinafores here!

This is just really cute.

This surly, Scottish March Hare gives me hope that the film preserves some of the story's just inherent, British weirdness.

Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen is the apex of the continued quest to make a stunning woman grotesque that seems to be the goal of her ongoing collaboration with Burton. (That and their kids, that is.)

At this point, it appears to become an action movie. We hear the Mad Hatter say intensely, "help us make the world right again!" Seriously? I really think he just wanted to entertain some little girls on whom he may or may not have had a really unnatural fixation.

The battle scenes look intense.

And Anne Hathaway looks like Draco Malfoy's father and talks like Galadriel.

Also? I don't remember the Mad Hatter going all action hero on us. But what do I know?

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