There's some new stuff in the latest Entertainment Earth catalog. Plus: Free shipping on Christian Bale? Where do we sign?

This eight-inch tall Kubrick of Max from Where The Wild Things Are is fairly cute and totally collectible, which is why they can price it at $149.99. Me? I'd rather have the "My Reusable Bag Makes Me Better Than You" tote, for $9.99. I might even buy one for my sister.

It was actually someone's job to be on nose-quality control for this Barbra Streisand Barbie. Think about that.

Wolverine's leather jacket is awesome, though pricey ($348.99). The Boondock Saints figures have interchangeable heads! Meanwhile. Lucius Malfoy looks like he had a bad experience at the salon. Someone get him a concentrated humectant, STAT!

Yeah yeah yeah. Twilight. I was just noticing how cute Coraline's outfits are. $42 for a set of three? Seems fair. I wish she came with the glow-in-the-dark star spangled sweater, though.

Um. This Bruce Wayne doll. Is hot. Am I weird? Because I really think they did a good job. A scowl like that makes my parts feel funny. And yet: For $205, he really ought to offer to cook dinner. Or, at the very least, vibrate.

I really wish that Anakin Skywalker's robe and boots could be my new blogging outfit. Add a white tee and jeans and you have an ensemble! I'd go to the deli, the post office, etc. It's really a fashion-forward look, right up there with Cloak or Margiela. Until you add the light saber.

The Debbie Harry doll "screams charisma!" But not literally. Unfortunately.

Wait. OMG. Tiny stripper shoes.

Joan Jett's sneakers and wrist bandanna: Love.

I know she was unusual. But she didn't have rick rack on her dress, did she?

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