Yes, the film may be cockamamie. But when the premiere, at London's Empire Leicester Square, has not just Robert and Jude and Rachel and Heather Graham but Gwen Stefani, too, well, that's all we're looking at.

Rachel McAdams: Studio 54 Olympus.

How dapper is Ozwald Boateng - controversial stripe and all? Man, the Brits.


Robert Downey Jr (with wife Susan Levin) does not seem to have profited from his proximity to Savile Row. Unless, that is, muscle tees and fedoras are being cranked out by bespoke tailors.

The combination of little girl's party dress and medieval chatelaine's girdle somehow works on Jenni Falconer.


A good rule of thumb is probably "union jack purse" or "leopard pumps." But Zara Martin knows rules are made to be broken.


Jude Law skews oddly "Little Tramp." Having seen him on Broadway in yoga togs not a few weeks ago, however, I can assure you that he is in fact still both handsome and extremely handsome.

A free imaginary cupcake to whoever can interpret the allegory on Kelly Reilly's dress.


It's like Heather Graham is channeling Roller Girl: the later years.


It's like Gwen Stefani creates a cool whirlpool that draws all coolness into her orbit. This is how to do easy winter!

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