As terrible duds went, 2009 started slow. Not much spectacle, not many spectacular failures. But, as the year aged, there were bright spots - and by bright spots, I mean bomb costumes, camel-toes and magic gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Christina Applegate's September 20th Emmy gown took a wedding-hall drapery, mated it with Elizabeth Berkeley's Showgirls wardrobe, gave it to Flora, Fauna and Meriwether to make without the aid of magic, and then pinned it in back like a Gap mannequin's. The result? Perfection. [Getty]

Perhaps inspired by the supernatural air of November 17th's L.A. New Moon premiere, Noot Seear allowed the author of a 1976 Lord of the Rings ripoff who was also 13 to design her garb. [Getty]

Designer Maya Yogev (at Fashion Group International of Los Angeles' 'Meet The Designers' event on October 12) is apparently interested in creating multi-purpose clothing. Specifically, that which can go from dungeon to SCA joust to, okay nowhere else, without missing a beat. Or missing a lot of beats and instead being some kind of John Cage composition, except bad. [Getty]

Style-wise, this was a banner year for Leighton Meester. There were risks. There were successes. And, at the November 17th opening of the Times Square American Eagle store, there was camel-toe. Oh yes, there was camel-toe.

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At November 5th's MTV Europe Awards in Berlin, Leona Lewis attempted to craft a look that would combine glamour, with Depends. It was a failure. [Getty]

Anja Rubik, at a November 12th NARS 15X15 launch in NYC, was the ethereal product of a college freshman's ill-advised foray into the world of absinthe, after someone's trip to Prague, and prior to vomiting. [Getty]

More than anything, what was offensive about Doda's 11/5 MTV Europe getup was that she didn't credit her public with either intelligence or the most elementary knowledge of Tom Jones' oeuvre. [Getty]

(Oh, and the fact that this is what was underneath.)

Emma de Caunes, at November 12th's 37th International Emmy Awards Gala in New York, actually made us consider punning on the word "fowl," which is crime enough to merit inclusion. [Getty]

...but really, if we had to name the worst of the worst, it would have to be this one, from the first annual Guggenheim Art Awards on October 29th. (Oh, and Kimbra's blue vagina, go-go boots and Medusa hair weren't so great, either.) [Getty]