Calling all theatre geeks! The Broadway opening of A Little Night Music brought together legends of the stage - plus Catherine Zeta-Jones, Diane Von Furstenberg, and friends - for the kind of unabashedly theatrical blowout that requires song and dance.

Catherine Zeta-Jones brings the Hollywood glamour - but a tasteful amount.

Actress Leigh Ann Larkin brings one of the more novel breast-frames we've seen in months!

Any warmth provided by actress Alana De La Garza's Jeremiah Jones-worthy sheepskin is undone by the, ahem, ventilation of her decolletage.

Diane von Furstenberg: Venus in Furs. (And yes, I do realize her boots aren't really that shiny.)

Would it be a Broadway opening without perennial leading lady Barbara Cook? No, it would not.

There is a symmetry to the vent system of Kym Johnson's booties and dress that is either genius or just really drafty.

Actress Ramona Mallory goes for the ever-popular "sea nymph."

Actress Betsy Morgan, meanwhile, sports what some of us call a "peplum," my dad calls a
"fabric fanny pack."

You know I love the panache of these Broadway events! And actress Jayne Paterson's prom-ready fuschia is a prime example of this!

Angela Lansbury, meanwhile, is Noel Coward-country-house on-point!

Marissa McGowan's dress would be right at home in the What Not to Wear reveal: make of this what you will.

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