He'd have to be!

And you can tell! In this scene, he can hardly keep a straight face. Playing a psychopath artiste makes him giddy with glee.

It's easy to be convinced that melodrama is his true milieu. He's snacking and drinking on set! He is just that comfortable.

There are times when it seems he might be laughing: At the lines, at the plot, at himself, at us. I mean, I know he is playing a guy who screws with people's heads, but the way he's acting is screwing with my head. "You want answers? Play nice." I'll bet he rehearsed that one in a mirror.

There is no reason to doubt he's not actually drinking vodka.

Just like there's no reason to believe he wasn't actually super high when he took this mugshot. Or is he just that good of an actor?

Raise your hand if you're leaning toward stoned.

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