On last night's Jersey Shore, Snooki demonstrated her unusual way of eating a pickle, and then made out with everyone in the petri dish that is the Jersey Shore hot tub. (There is not enough chlorine in the world.)

In the clip above, Sammi tells The Situation that she's "experienced him already," and Snooki learns that if you eat a pickle while wearing a hat that says "Pornstar in Training," people will make fun of you. (Actually, forget the pickles: people have the right to make fun of the hat alone.)

Then Angelina, the judgmental "pretty" one, leaves the house because she's sick of working like three hours a week or whatever, and though the show plays a montage of her "best" moments, nobody misses her. Then things take a turn for the barf in the hot tub, where Snooki assaults everyone with her mouth.