Gabourey Sidibe of Precious was on Leno last night, and once again, she proved to be the best late night talk show guest of the year. If aren't dying to hang out with this woman, something is wrong with you.

In the clip above, Gabourey talks about being a bully (to boys) and a crybaby as a kid, and talks about the boys who have come out of the woodwork since she's gotten famous. (She also mentions that her dad is a cab driver, so I will personally be checking the last name on the medallion of every taxi I see in hopes of meeting her dad.) Unlike Conan a few weeks ago, with whom Gabby had an immediate rapport (they were riffing like a comedy team), Jay kind of doesn't know how to talk to her, but it's okay: Gabby carries him through the interview seamlessly. (Like, say, someone who should have her own show.)

Later, in Jay's "Earn Your Plug" talent segment, Gabby announces her talent: "I am going to be awesome at *NSYNC trivia." And then she is (with the help of one of the *NSYNCers):