Can Disney erase decades of being known for damsels in distress with one girl-power-ish bicycle ad?

No. Of course not. The Huffy Disney Princess Bike commercial certainly tries, of course. "Where is the prince?" one girl asks. "He's stranded in the castle, we have to save him," cries the other. And then both girls shout, "Princess to the rescue!" That's princess. Not princesses. And it's a pretty forced catchphrase that in no way rings true to what most people think of when princesses come to mind. In fact, the commercial's "twist" just highlights what's wrong with many older Disney movies.

These days, girls — and their parents — are pretty savvy. Pushing the waiting-in-the-castle-to-be-saved angle of princesshood just won't work. But is slapping a new message on characters from old stories just, well, pandering?

On the other hand: Pink bikes! With tassels! What little girl can resist?

Huffy Disney Princess Bike Commercial [YouTube]