Tom Ford's directorial debut A Single Man has been anticipated as a Stylish Event, and last night's screening - at the Museum of Modern Art - was too: a Madonna-Padma-Julianne-studded style extravaganza with just enough train-wreck to keep things interesting.

Padma Lakshmi is someone whose cosmic-joke beauty demands envelope-pushing. Like, just how much can she get away with? Well, her 70s tattered "Leather and Lace" ghost-bride is the answer to that question.

I get where Rachel Roy is coming from. Sometimes you start the "whimsical layering" and it's hard to stop. Unlike some of us, however, I presume she has a full-length mirror.

Uh oh! Kevin Bacon has been watching Felicity have I!

Don't you love it when Madonna just gives in to "aging diva?" In a way, isn't that what she's been training for her entire life?

Julianne Moore has embraced the ankle-irons shoe with suspicious enthusiasm.

Judy Greer - with Lee Pace - has "not trying too hard" so down.

Olivia Palermo begs the question: is a leather tunic "timeless" or just "appropriate for a Medieval guildsman?"

Ellen Barkin has the New York bitch face down more than any other actress.

Terry Richardson and Tamara Mellon, looking exactly like themselves. Make of this what you will.

Let's face it: Colin and Livia Firth have every right to look smug.

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