The UNICEF Snowflake Ball, at Cipriani 42nd Street, is a Big Deal for the philanthropic set - and a perfect chance to wear lots and lots of winter white! And let's not forget all that frosty crystal! (Sandra Lee...)

I'm guessing Sandra Lee was troubled by the somewhat minimal adoption of the "snowflake" motif, complete lack of tablescapes, and sought to remedy things with her choice of gown.

Hillary Gumbel, meanwhile, did Grecian Winter Wonderland.

Can I tell you how much I love that Lauren Bush is rocking the eccentric Italian widow from a Fellini film look? (The bag, one supposes, is Unicef-related.)

Wonder what her cousin Jenna thinks? Gotta say, she's looking understated-holiday chic.

As for Barbara (with a classically-clad Maggie Betts ), that icy smile really says it all.

Alicia Blythewood does classic 60's benefit - complete with cruel under-arm abrasion.

Deborah Roberts may get the prize for best holiday-ball attire: can you beat metallic brocade for classic regal and sheer weight?

Ok, her or Gillian Miniter.

Annette Lauer: ready for the Ascotte Gavotte, the licorice candy stick, the 80s and, apparently, the charity ball.

Model Dayle Haddon has that deer-in-a-headlights look of one in a classic Marilyn gown and a miniature bag.

I know how Muffie Potter Aston feels: I'm always the gnome in pix, even when the other isn't as tall as Somers Farkas. Well, except for feeling like a full-time socialite in shantung benefit-wear, that is.

Singer Chrisette Michele's pompadour and Lillian Russell silhouette make for a pleasantly retro bombshell effect, no?
that is.

David Duchovny's all, "I'm a sex addict, get me out of here!" Tea Leoni's all, "not a chance."

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