IFP's 19th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards, held at Cipriani, Wall Street, was obviously star-studded. And Natalie Portman, Brooke Shields, Kristen Wiig, Rosie Perez and many more, took "independent" as license to ill. (Okay, not Natalie.)

Kind of digging on Amy Landecker's happy hour look.

Natalie Portman says: be afraid. Be very afraid. I went to Harvard and I love animals. And I dress flawlessly, with just a hint of calculated, sophisticated risk.

Kristen Wiig is one of my favorite human beings, which is why I'm not even commenting on a bootie choice and incorporates an entirely different genre, like Sergio Leone being brought in to finish Sex and the City 2. (Work with me.)

Uh oh. Brooke Shields' dress is being dragged down and off by the weight of the feathers and tulle.

When it comes to Rosie Perez' enormous bow: fun or fug? (Keeping in mind that we're now firmly in the holiday season.)

Patricia Clarkson: "I'll show ya how it's done, kid. It's all about the jewel tones."

Margarita Levieva: Why go with Lauper makeup and a tried-and-true 80s neckline and then wimp out on the heels? It was "Holiday" until we hit the lack of pointy pumps!

We have approximately 5 seconds before Sari Lennick starts a round of inappropriate giggles. Possible caused by itchy lame.

"Yes, I am doing Audrey, dammit! And it's glorious!" (Melonie Diaz)

Shohreh Aghdashloo: "Oh, honey, you have no idea. This is my little brooch."

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