Herewith, a fundamental difference between America and Germany: here, parents don't let kids watch Bambi; there, they name an awards ceremony after it! (Also, they do that while we eat turkey.) And Kate Winslet and Shakira join them in Potsdam...

Not many women can look this poised and elegant while superimposed against a large, golden faun. Kate Winslet is that woman.

Katja Burkhard's flamenco-chic is oddly festive.

You know how that old saw about understated, Jackie O-style elegance has it that you take one thing off before leaving the house? Well, actress Dennenesch Zoude's version of that is, "add a feather necklace."

See, you'd think that if you were going to put a giant "bullseye" in the middle of your dress, you'd want shoes you could easily run in. But Shakira disagrees.

German actress Diana Amft apparently doesn't associate raw silk with 60's-style balloon drapes. Which I concede may be personal.

Actress Nadeshda Brennicke would like you to know that she is whimsical in a roaring-20s-gaiety sort of way. Message received.

Isa Graefin von Hardenberg models the 1980s, in sartorial form. This is like fabric pesto-and-raspberry-vingear. Or the German equivalent!

Nina Eichinger knows that sometimes you can't beat classic Deco. And this would also make a gorgeous wedding gown.

Mareile Hoeppner's gown is either a work of amazing artistry or rank folly. I'm leaning towards "both."

Frauke Ludowig sports the old Ethereal Mid-90s-Mrs.-Roper look.

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