Happy Thanksgiving! So: I made you guys some hand turkeys โ€” but these are no ordinary birds.

Hand Turkey FAQ

Q: What is a hand turkey?
A: An adorable craft made by American schoolchildren โ€” and you!
Q: How do I make one?
A: Click the "full size" link, print the image (you might have to copy and paste into your favorite graphics program), cut it out, and glue or tape to a section of toilet paper roll. Use to decorate the dinner table this afternoon!
Q: What's special about these hand turkeys?
A: They are inspired by some of the year's biggest "turkeys" โ€” public figures I felt should be immortalized in gobbling-bird form.
Q: Why don't the people have any arms? And why are there fingers sticking up out of their backs?
A: It's been a long time since I made a hand turkey, okay? Shut up.
Q: Why is the Alaskan flag green?
A: Seriously, shut up.

Sarah Palin


Jon Gosselin

Tucker Max


Carrie Prejean

Happy Thanksgiving!