We don't often wish we were at these events, but from the impromptu dancing with ballet greats to Natalie Portman's amazing getup to the seriously bizarre socialite-wear, the New York City Ballet's opening night celebration at Lincoln Center looked fabulous.

Natalie Portman can do "perfection" better than almost anyone. And is that the night sky?

Julia Koch got the memo about "lady in red" patron-of-the-arts chic.

So did Fe Fendi!

And Paula Zahn!

Assuming she wasn't really famous, could you guess what Aurelie Dupont does for a living? It starts with "baller" and ends with "ina."

Candace Bushnell is here, obviously, because she's married to a dancer. I can't think of an equally logical explanation for her necklace. She's been ordained into the Eastern Orthodox priesthood?

The question: is Mila Kunis sporting her own dinner jacket, or was someone being chivalrous?

There are very few things apropos for both Studio 54 and the NYCB. Carol Mack's dress is one. "Baryshnikov" is another.

Let's add "Catherine Malandrino" to that list!"

Sarah Sophie Flicker: fun or folly? It makes me smile.

Michelle Herbert is, I think, going for Goddess of Love. Well, that or Ivana Trump.

Alexandra Lebenthal is doing the near-impossible: wearing yellow and not getting washed out.

And...Pamela Joyner's skirt will come in handy when the can-can starts later. (No, not joking. The dancing got wild.)

On the one hand, kind of loving Erin Fetherston's late-Poiret silhouette. On the other, the print's a tad Mrs. Roper -in-a-dogwood-tree. In other words, LOVE it.

Elise Overland and Diana Picasso: "So, flowing robes tonight?"

And just to give you a sense of the 'do: that's Darci Kistler and Peter Martins cutting a rug!

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