R.Patt and K-Stew insulated themselves from the ravening opening-night hordes with a scenester posse at NYC's Landmark's Sunshine Cinema: It would seem Agyness Deyn, Natalie Portman and the entire cast of Gossip Girl are all Twi-Hards. Down to the costumes!

The one context in which Taylor Momsen's teen goth makes sense! Besides, you know, high school.

Jessica Szohr goes topical, too: this is vaguely Interview with the Vampire. Retro!

Hey, if there's one place you can do steampunk spinster, this is it. Not that Agyness Deyn needs an excuse.

Rachel Roy boldly disregards the Tim Burton dress code, and as a result wears one of the more interesting - and certainly cheerful - outfits here. Dig the mixed patterns.

The lovely Ashley Greene plays a clairvoyant vampire. Her dress plays angry shag carpeting.

Alexa Chung's eyes sparkle with the unholy light of the true fan.

Kristen Stewart looks chicer and more comfortable every time we see her. No mean feat at 19.

Genevieve Jones' shoes are altogether too gay for such a serious event. Does she not realize that young girls are dying with love all over the world?

Fabiola Beracasa is...camera-ready. And yes, it is a teen vampire movie! Whatever, who doesn't love costumes?

Lydia Hearst is 1920s ethereal. The "good" to Fabiola's "evil," if you will.

I can't think of a single nice thing to say about Veronica Webb's getup, so let's move on for karmic purposes.

Haha, Natalie Portman thought she could sneak in the back way, did she? Not on our watch, sister! Admit that twi-love!

Ivanka Trump has the look, and the getup, of one who's just realized, wait, this isn't a charitable fundraiser?

Amber Rose just refuses to leave home without her dunce cap!

There are many embarrassing things about this event. This is obviously one of them.

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