You know it's fab when you see Anna Wintour and the Olsens. And that it's bizarre when you see Johnny Depp, Patti Smith, and Danny DeVito. "The Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit: A Tribute To Tim Burton" was both.

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, per usual, bring the Gothic deshabille.

Designer Nanette Lepore knows that if there's one crowd that won't blink at vaguely tribal girly armor, it's this one.

Michelle Harper is a fixture on the social scene and, yes, she always looks this fabulously deco-glam.

Aww, it's Danny DeVito and daughter Gracie!

Jeez louise, is Gabourey Sidibe batting 1000, or what? Nary a misstep, folks! Nary a one!

Brooke Shields can do simple elegance. She was a Calvin girl, after all.

Say what you will about Anna Wintour, say what you will about, those hems are aligned with a military precision!

Is Ashley Greene's LBD breaking any hearts? No, but I can't take my eyes off her face, so it all works out.

You know what I love most about this pic of MK and Ashley? That they're both carrying briefcases, in case they might need to have an impromptu meeting. Moguls, people.

It's true that Rose Byrne is a special favorite, but come on: this is cool. Would I wear it? Could I wear it? No and no. That's why stars: are nothing like us.

Somehow in the context of this event it would seem strange if Johnny Depp hadn't shown up with Patti Smith as his date, and if they hadn't looked exactly like this. Yes, quizzing glass, hankie and all.

We'd say Helena Bonham Carter had been in one too many Tim Burton movies, but she was always an eccentric, and she's ended up in exactly the right place and, at the end of the day, it's pretty wonderful.

Hamish Bowles (Vogue's European Editor at Large) is one of this town's most reliable and natty dandies.

David and Julia Koch do "artistic socialite." Okay, not him so much.

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