If you're a trust fund kid who longs to look worldly, poor and thoughtful, you're in luck. The November Free People catalog knows that nothing says "Christmas" like overpriced crochet and a headband.

This is how short hemlines are these days. Crotch-length, perfect for Team No Pants. It's a pretty skirt, even if the proportions in this ensemble are completely wonky.

"It's a dress!"
"Says who?"
"Calvin Klein Free People!"

There are eight things I don't understand about this sweater, none of which include the price of $128. The boots remind me of the Barbara Mandrell show. Whether that's good or bad, I can't decide.

"Rich hippie" is so weird. Honestly, if you are six years old, or if you are impoverished, it's okay to dress like this. But if you are not, you should not.

When you have a favorite pair of jeans that fit and feel perfect, and they start to disintegrate, it makes perfect sense to try and patch 'em up and keep 'em going as long as you can. And attempting to recreate that experience — of loved, lived-in denim — is understandable. But these "imported" pre-patched and faded "boyfriend" jeans at $128 remind me of a line in The Sweet Smell Of Success: "That's fish four days old. I'm not buying it!"

Your grandma (or someone else's) will be happy to make this for you. Do you really need FP's $128 version?

Just imagine showing up to the office party in this getup. Like yeah, 'sup bitches, vacay in Prague was great, it's just all my favorite spots are blowing up, so I'm off to Gdansk next, anyone got any weed?

(Oh, and by the by: Those shorts are $78.)

Tinkerbell's Goth cousin looks a little strung out. Believe it or not, this is called a "Shimmers Onesie," and it's $248.

Every now and then, FP tricks me into thinking I like its stuff. Sometimes it's the jewelry (I have a crush on this ring, but the price is obnoxious). Sometimes it's soft, pretty stuff like this…

…But then I turn the page and see fug head to toe. And I know this place is not for me.

I have a theory. Only skinny white people can dress like this. If you are thick or black or brown, you will look like a homeless vagrant. It's just a theory.

Apologies. Your hostess would like to excuse herself, as she has crapped her pants.


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