Look, everyone knows the country music community is totally modern and sophisticated. But is it wrong to wish that Reba, Taylor, Carrie, Faith and, yes, Nicole Kidman, were a little less elegant and a bit more...festive? Thank goodness for Stetsons!

Lee Ann Womack: comfortingly 80s-retro amid all this sleek elegance.

Kelly Pickler embraces the glitter trend to stunning, deco effect!

Robin Roberts may not be reinventing the wheel, but sometimes "Lady in Red" elegance is hard to top.

LeAnn Rimes also rocks bombshell - and works it. (Even after Labor Day.)

Kind of in awe of how totally balls-out Martina McBride's Grecian-princess-infanta-Barbie fantasia is!

This level of understated chic may disappoint those secretly hoping for hairspray and sequins - but it's hard to argue with Faith Hill.

Kimberly Williams Paisley (she's married to country singer Brad) goes slightly Haight - but keeps it totally elegant. Can we get some sequins?!

Thank you, Reba - even if this is concert-hall-understated.

Vintage Nicole Kidman: empire-waisted and vivid. Personally, I love. (Beside the middle-school nails.) What say you?

Seriously: Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles is totally Oscar-ready. In fact, screw the Oscars; the CMAs are apparently where it's at.

While minis and pansies aren't exactly what we had in mind, Ashley Monroe's getup is still - although. technically, ill-judged - a welcome hit of festivity!

I love that Taylor Swift has made high-glam Glinda her thing, casting herself as a beautiful, innocent Good Witch! And this is flat-out lovely.

Hm. Michelle Branch's space-age Egyptian Shumba is not the sort of glitz we had in mind - although a hit of color is refreshing.

I'm still getting used to the "Klimt" trend, as we know, but Carrie Underwood is balm to my glitter-hungry soul!

Wow, even the normally gaudy Nancy O'Dell has toned it down and classed it up. (Yes, I still hold Wendy/Austin against her.)

Am seriously considering forcing bridesmaids to wear exact replicas of Diana DeGarmo's frock - because I can. But don't know if I can afford the karmic price.

Normally, Patricia Heaton, legs or cleavage is a good rule of thumb. But hey, go for it.

If loving Hillary Scott's Grecian is wrong, I don't want to be right. (She's of Lady Antebellum.)

Jimmy Dickens keeps it real.

The Future.

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