Rihanna. Serena. Maria. Stella. Iman. Padma. Emme. Estelle. Gabby Sidibe. These were just a few of the boldfaces who bib-and-tuckered it at Carnegie Hall last night to honor Glamour's Women of the Year. And, yes, dude looked like a lady.

There is one word I think everyone can apply to Rihanna's exercise in arts and crafts: bold.

Rory Tahari's gown evokes Poiret.

Digging designer Lucilla Beccaria's boho lady. Et vous?

Liya Kedebe is a fan of the trench dress. I'm a fan of anything when she wears it. Slavish.

See, does Emme know what she's doing, or is this line unflattering? Inquiring minds.

Our collective gaze is torn between Gayle King's shoes and necklace. Collective gaze, people.

When it comes to EIC Cindi Leive: I get it. I think we all get it. Is that the same as liking though?

Maria Shriver's Spanish widow is kind of majestic. Am I wrong to crave a mantilla? How can something so right be wrong?

Some would say, the further we move from necessity and utility, the more closely we approach decadence. How does this apply to Lisa Ling's single sleeve?

Shocker, that: Padma Lakshmi looks glorious in maternity.

I kind of like it when people do unashamed Mount Olympus. Serena Williams is doing this.

Having read The Game, I now understand that Steven Tyler basically invented "peacocking."

I like that Estelle's doing a total 180 and being completely conservative, and it still makes all kinds of sense.

Zoe Kravitz: cool, simple, beyond reproach.

Katharine McPhee rocks the Disney interpretation of Grecian. Not that I saw Hercules.

Whereas Kerry Washinton seems to say, "no, this is how you do it - with a dash of Out of the Past!"

Amy Poehler was a Woman of the Year, angelic.

Stella McCartney showed that part of being a WotY is making everyone else look like they're trying too hard.

Andie MacDowell does unabashed mother of the bride, and I respect this.

Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe always looks completely amazing. No rookie mistakes, no missteps. She is either working with a stylist who should be famous immediately, or is a total prodigy.

Luckily, Iman can wear a feathered sack - and probably break into "Cheek to Cheek" as needed.

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