Leighton Meester's video for her single "Somebody to Love," featuring Robin Thicke, is now online, and though I'm certain it will be quite popular for its sexy shots and such, it's hard not to giggle at how cliched it is.

The video opens with Meester riding around in the back of a cab, dressed like Blair Waldorf going as Lady Gaga for Halloween. Of course, there's a shot of blurry city lights, because she wants to live the glamorous life and so on and so forth.

There's a LOT of sexyface in this video, you guys. If they ever open a SexyFace museum, this video will have its own exhibit. Also, Meester's cab garb is strikingly similar to the outfit worn by Britney Spears in her "Womanizer" video, no?

Oh wait, no, I don't think she's in a cab. Is she in a limo? Someone's Nissan Altima? Why is she posing in the back of the car all by herself? Why is this a sexy video thing? The only people who pose in the back of someone's car, all alone, are the people who are typically 2.4 seconds away from throwing up all over the floor and yelling "Let's go dancing!" even as the vomit dribbles down their chin.

We then head to a club where Meester writhes around on a red booth, dances on various customers, and messes with her hair a lot.

Double sexyface alert!

Robin Thicke then appears to rap, or something, dressed as someone's cool uncle who says things like "vibe" and "energy" all the time.

Here we have SexyFace's cousin, LolitaFace. It is tired. And so am I after watching much of this video, as Meester spends most of it writhing around on a bed that looks super comfortable.

There is a subplot in this video (I think), wherein Meester is really just imagining much of the love she is receiving (I think?! I have no idea), but as I'm not sure what that's all about, I'll just skip ahead to the red lip shot. I think this is supposed to make us think of sex, but all I think of is commercials for Twizzlers and Dairy Queen. I'm not sure what that says about me.

There's a lot of bed writhing, as I mentioned earlier. And also a lot of jewelry, because we're not supposed to forget that this is a very glamorous situation.

And it's not a sexy video until someone crawls across the floor!

And here's the ol' "Looking at the camera in a sexy way while someone kisses me" shot that Miss Martha Haypenny debuted in 1910. Not really, but you know what I mean.

And then there is this.

And I'm pretty sure this was lifted directly from a Britney Spears perfume commercial.

Lindsay Robertson sums the video up at New York quite perfectly, noting that "the Gossip Girl star moves her lips to a song (occasionally), while wearing lots of jewelry and makeup. She also writhes, and is very pretty." That's seriously it, you guys. She's gorgeous and she writhes around a lot. It's your standard pop-tart video, though it's on such an extreme level at times that it reeks of trying too hard, and I almost wondered after watching it a second time if Meester is just messing with us and doing her best Britney Spears impression for a lark.

I get that it's a sexy song and the video is supposed to match up with that, and that's understandable, I guess. The real problem I have with the video is that I've seen it about 8 million times before, and the manufactured sex factor just makes the whole thing seem kind of boring. You can watch the clip here: feel free to leave your own opinions in the comments.

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