2012 is the story of the apocalypse and the shenanigans of survivors. The many stars at Regal Cinemas in LA - Thandie Newton, Camilla Belle, Amanda Peet - had, well, interesting ideas about what to wear when the world ends.

Thandie Newton, obviously, looks stunning. That said, early-90's tough florals and bows? Not so sure.

As one frequently heralded as a fashion comer, Camilla Belle has to periodically take sartorial risks. I'd say this one pays off.

Erin Axtell is clearly taking part in the current sequin-mania, which everyone is pretending is kind of 80's retro, but you know they secretly love it.

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe's gently Grecian pink is one of the most unadorned on the RC.

Lauren Graham wears L.A. casual/the fixed expression of one who's about to have to lie about how much she liked a movie.

This peek-a-boo trend, as modeled by Crystle Stewart, may never end.

Candis Cayne: the gypsy that remains.

Amanda Peet looks amazing, and there was an item in Page 6 about her a couple of days ago: seems her assistant entered Peet's house to find a burglar rummaging through the jewelry. The burglar said, "What's up, bitch? I live here." Then he ran out with the jewelry box.

Speaking of audacity! Morgan Lily has made my day! She's like a miniature steel

Estella Warren does pre-fab Euro-eccentric!

Hey, if Dania Ramirez is willing to sit through a two-hour movie in a dress this tight, she's earned the right to do whatever she wants.

Beatrice Rosen sports that modern classic, the angry cat.

As Vail Bloom and everyone knows, "leather" and "bustier" go together like bacon and eggs - or the really bad-tasting equivalent thereof.

Shannyn Sossamon will not let the one-piece go. Well, she can work it. Even one that looks kind of like high-fashion scrubs.

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