It must be a relief for celebs to attend a screening they feel good about. Maybe that's why there was such an amazing turnout for Precious at Grauman's Chinese Theatre: Mariah, Paula, Mary J., Star, Sherri, and, yes, Oprah herself.

Gabourey Sidibe has "regal" so down.

Sidney Poitier brings the regal; his guest (daughter Sydney) brings The Belt.

Xosha Roquemore the kind of woman who can work an unadorned shape, clearly. Man alive, as gramps would say.

Woman of the hour: Sapphire.

Lisa Edelstein is ready for a garden party, should one arise. And really, you never know.

Gayle King is unquestionably elegant, but I'm just obsessed with figuring out whether she's sporting boots?

Sherri Shepherd: Party in the front, after-party in the back!

If Olivia Wilde was going for an "Uptown Girl" costume for a Billy Joel-themed party that I just made up, well, this would be really good.

It's funny how a dress like Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon's can make one more aware of the breasts than something plunging. This is not to say she doesn't look great: just musin.'

Paula Patton's style of corset, for instance, always makes me think more "engineered."

I strongly suspect that Star Jones' dress is unflattering. But I see what she was thinking and, it's true, that would have looked wonderful. And we've all been there.

How is it that Mary J. Blige can combine a distracting print and a gratuitous slash and still work one of the best looks of the night?

Speaking of! Has Mo'Nique ever looked more totally glam? (Compulsory in Hollywood when one has played a non-glam character!)

Paula Abdul goes a little job interview, a little Bowie, a tad New Wave, a bit crazy...and yet, I dig.

I'm sorry, Oprah, I think you're under-dressed!

I mean, do you see Mimi over here? Doing classic bombshell absolutely flawlessly? This is an occasion for festivity! (Thoughtful festivity.)

How Kat Kramer and her omnipresent pantyhose made it here, I don't know...but I stand in awe.

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