Feministing points us toward doll-maker Loanne Hizo Ostlie, who has been creating modified Barbies for over a decade. Over at her site, Tabloach Productions, her modifications of Barbie (and long neglected Skipper) are amazingly detailed... and stunningly diverse.

Many of Ostlie's creations feature shorter hair, textured hair, or curly hair - a hard thing to get right, but the effect comes through beautifully.

The features and styles used on some of the dolls defy easy racial categorization.

Some of the dolls look like they are modeled on women from the real world.

Am I the only one that thinks this doll looks like Brandy?

Oh wait a sec - there was a Brandy doll! And it looks true to life! What did Mattel do, say "fuck this mold" when they were done and lock it away somewhere?

I used to wear a very similar style when I was a child - big, thick braids, though I am sure if I had this doll, I would have begged my mother for this twist style.

This pixie-esque curly do is really cute!

Loving the highly textured hair as well as the skin tone.

Could this be the first genderqueer doll? It's certainly the first one I've seen - and I have a friend I'd love to gift it to.