Irina is clearly talented, and will probably be in the top 3. So why is it so hard to like her?

She's the classic "I'm not here to make friends" type on this show. And, in addition, she's a shit-talker. Although in this case, Christopher's dress did look like something an Amish woman would wear.

The challenge? To take $150 and create an ensemble inspired by a fabulous location. Christoper's dress was supposed to be Santa Fe, but it looked like Pennsylvania Dutch Country.


Althea couldn't even wrap her mind around the Amish dress, saying: "If Christopher can put that garment down the runway and not get eliminated then… I don't know what's going on." And Christopher looked at his own damn dress and said, "Oh no."

(This is just a gratuitous shot of Logan.)

Meanwhile, Nicolas was supposed to design something inspired by Greece. "A person could definitely wear it in Greece," he claimed. Sure, or in New York, or Hong Kong, or on Mars! Endless possibilities.


Guest judge Milla Jovovich liked Irina's Aspen-inspired ensemble. It looked like it had a big vagina in the front, and another shaved pube triangle in the back. Michael Kors was right when he said "there's some sex involved."

Michael Kors felt that Nicolas was designing for Grease the movie, not Greece the country. But Olivia Newton John would never wear that hideous top!

While discussing Logan's disappointing "Hollywood" outfit, Michael Kors uttered the Quote Of The Day, and possibly YEAR: "They're clothes, they're not fashion."

Althea's St. Tropez look: Good, not great.

Gordana got some nice feedback on her Park Avenue/New York dress.

Twisted straps kept Carol Hannah's Palm Beach dress interesting and not the same old same old.

Milla Jovovich seemed personally offended by Logan's Hollywood look.

Irina's vagina: The winner.

Christopher actually stayed in the competition, despite this Mary Magdalene at the Mall look.

Nicolas was Auf'd. Even though he has three stars on his hand! I'm confused now. What is going on?

Milla is also distraught.