It's tough to describe why I'm obsessed with Milk, the French child-oriented high-fashion mag for parents, since I don't have kids and often claim that I don't like kids (due to decades, yes decades of babysitting). Maybe I'm jealous?

Because the kids in Milk are cool. Really cool. But also: The photography is fun, the fashion is well-styled and, in many ways, Milk kicks Vogue's ass.

Obviously child models are cute. But when shooting them on a blank background, the results could be meh. Instead, Milk pulls off vibrant, interesting portraits.

Instead of models jumping, you get models hamming it up. What's not to love?

There's an attitude here, and it says: "My allowance is paltry. Step it up."

So fresh-faced and fun!

Do you think she has a blog? Do you think she has a Twitter account? Do you think she knows who Madonna is?

I'm fully aware that these kids are being paid and that a professional photographer and stylist are creating the look of this shoot. And still: I'm fully buying the character this kid is playing. He's into chess, cheese and Wes Anderson movies.

If you don't let her watch Breakfast At Tiffany's again, she is going to hold her breath.

Um, can I hang out with you guys after school work?

She's obviously cooking up mischief.

Tyra asked her to be on America's Next Top Child Model, but this young lady was too busy.

"Really? You invited boys to your party? Seriously? How disappointing."

Ah, childhood — full of unicorn dreams and playing in abandoned car graveyards.

"For my next trick, I'll make Brussels sprouts disappear!"

"Attention! Playing with life size trucks is more fun than playing with toy trucks. Pass it on!"

I want to wear this tomorrow. Is that lame?

Just one example of how the photography is more inventive than Vogue.

Dear Anna Wintour: The tiny gauntlet has been thrown.

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