Last night, you sort of had to fall in love with Gordana a little bit. She's just so hardy! When other people bitch and whine, Gordana says:

"I come to America with nothing… At least I have my health." LOVE. HER.

So yeah, the challenge involved wedding gowns. Specifically: Taking divorced ladies' bridal gowns and turning them into something new for the "new chapter" of their lives.

Did you get a good look at Gordana's face when she saw the divorcées in white coming down the runway?

She has an awesome WTF face.

Leah: "I've been divorced for three months."
Gordana: "Congratulations."

Shirin's divorcée had a slender column dress, with not a lot of material to work with, and she had dreams of looking like Cher — a la "Half Breed." Shrin whined, "I can't do it," blah blah blah. Which was total bullshit. Have you seen Cher's "Half Breed" costume?

You don't need very much fabric at all!

Anyway, Shirin was frustrated, so she cried.

And sniffled.

And so on. The tender touch of Tim Gunn saved her from disaster.


Later, on the runway, Michael Kors tore into Christopher's dress, calling it "tin foil."

Highlights from the runway:

Shirin's dress turned out to be just fine. See what a hug from Tim Gunn can do?

Irina whipped up something lovely. But then again, she picked a dress with lots of fabric and lace.

Carol Hannah's dress: SPECTACULAR.

Yay! Gordana won with a punk rock edgy strapless number Taylor Momsen wishes she had. And Gordana won! America, where all your dreams come true. And if not, at least you have your health.

Lowlights from the runway:

Logan's pants and ruffle vest: Good idea, bad clothes.

Epperson's kimono wasn't terrible, but the competition was stiff. And we had to say auf Wiedersehen.


Don't worry, Epperson — you can still play along, with the Project Runway video game for Nintendo Wii!!!!

Press Start to Work It: ‘Project Runway' Video Game Is Planned [NY Times]

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