"If Nancy Pelosi's failed economic policies are any indicator of the effect she may have on Afghanistan, taxpayers can only hope that McChrystal is able to put her in her place." According to the NRCC, that would be the kitchen.

The National Republican Congressional Committee laid down the gauntlet. Yesterday, Contessa Brewer called Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz to discuss the egregious remarkk, and it was evident that she was using all of her journalistic restraint not to go off. Brewer pointed out:

"Last week, when General Gates said the exact same thing, you didn't hear the Republicans standing up and saying that McChrystal should put him in his place."

Joanna Burgos, the NRCC spokesperson, didn't bother to engage with the charges of sexism, instead focusing on how Wasserman Schultz was "attacking white males," by revealing the demographic make-up of the NRCC and pointing to those same Faux News polls Karl Rove trotted out in the WSJ as proof that the GOP is winning over the public.

Brewer added, "even though our polls show the approval rating for Congressional Republicans at nine percent." For real, GOP, y'all need to stop testing her.

Wasserman Schultz pointed out that the Republicans hatred of women "goes wide and deep." (Case in point: Yesterday's vote on the 2010 Defense Appropriations Bill.)

Brewer, however, had a point to drive home. She noted:

Even though Ken [Spain, spokesperson for the RNCC] had the opportunity to go back and say "You know, I poorly chose my words," he said "Nancy Pelosi is playing out of her league." [Why] is it that when men disagree with women they have to demean their intellect?

Brewer FTW!

Wasserman replied "when Republican men disagree with women." Personally, I'm with Brewer. The primaries showed us that a lot of Democrats don't really have an issue with misogyny, even if they aren't as willing to voice it as the Repubs.

Today, Pelosi struck back. saying, simply:

"It's really sad; they just don't know how inappropriate that is," she told reporters during her weekly presser on Thursday morning.

"I'm in my place. I'm the speaker of the House, the first woman speaker of the House, and I'm in my place because the House of Representatives voted me here. But that language is something I haven't even heard in decades."

Video here:

Predictably, the GOP had a response to that:

"Rather than deflecting from the real issue at hand and refocus on defeating terrorists, Nancy Pelosi would rather make party politics a higher priority than our national security. The fact of the matter is that most Americans agree with General McChrystal's strategy on Afghanistan, but Pelosi self-righteously believes she is better suited to craft our country's military policy. The last time Americans saw this type of outright contempt directed toward a four-star general is when this same San Francisco liberal attempted to undercut General David Petraeus by declaring his successful surge strategy a ‘failure.'"

Addition to the earlier list: Start firing people. NOW.

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