In the October Vogue, fashion is functional — if that function is playing tennis while having breakfast in bed. Watch out for the OJ!

In addition to the perfect gown for bed-tennis (a variant on table tennis?), Vogue also offers a fur coat for wading around by the seaside (goes great with wellies!), and, on page 234, the perfect hat for your horse (only $237). The magazine returns to breakfast fashion with Sally Singer's profile of Michelle Williams. Williams's "great friend" Daphne Javitch has this to say about the actress's clothing choices: "So much of her style has to do with the fact that she's a soulful, practical, beautiful kind of person. [...] Can she get a bagel in it?" We tend to ask this question of our toasters, not our outfits, which we guess makes us "soulful, practical, beautiful" — and hungry.