John Galliano made his bones on surprising and shocking, but this time around the ready-to-wear was pure pretty, and it was the trappings - bubbles! hats! clowns! - that provided the, um, surprises.

You want glitz? Galliano serves up a disco-Grecian-harlequin snow queen! Obviously.

So pretty - and the bubbles add to the 20s (or Lawrence Welk) flair!

Can't say I'm sold on the whole "transparency" trend - and dread seeing its "reality" incarnation - but this eccentric Victorian widow almost makes me a believer. Almost.

I wouldn't have believed had I not seen it with my own eyes that you could mix "20s," "90s," and "sinister dress-up."

Very Kiki de Montparnasse. And yes, she was considered avante-garde!

A hint of a smile is good! It just adds to this flapper-manque's mystery!

...although I guess harlequins are allowed to be sad.

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