The Los Angeles premiere of Law Abiding Citizen at Grauman's Chinese Theatre provided food for thought - if by "food" you mean "minis, thigh-highs and pearls" and "thought" you mean either "confusion" or "Gerard Butler." And so it begins:

Viola Davis thinks pink!

Brooke Mills is apparently a fan of Speedo's women's styling.

Sanaa Lathan does several trends - gray, mini, a hint of glitz - to perfection.

This is the sort of getup a girl of Emerald Young's age can really get behind!

Claudia Jordan's graphic prints are pretty, her shoes seem about to slip off? Maybe she's made the mistake of applying that genius Band-Aid non-friction balm, not realizing that it's a catch-22 and prevents friction because your foot won't stay in it.

Regina Hall's 20's layers are a tad costume-shop, but have their charms...

As Vail Bloom shows, there's sweet, and then there's florals and pink pumps and headbands and pearls.

Tasha Smith takes mini to a new, almost-no-pants level.

See, normally it's a good idea, as the ladymags will tell you, to choose one trend: thigh-high boots or epaulet jackets, for instance. Eva Pigford respectfully disagrees.

He makes this look easy. And seriously, who else could overcome Phantom?

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