No, literally. Lagerfeld's countrified models writhed in haystacks and walked the runway with a side of hayseed. Whatever the opinions of Rihanna, Claudia and the other front-row staples, one thing's for sure: it's impossible to know what Prince was thinking.

Some pieces - like this "Lonely Goat" special - were overtly playful, making the ersatz-tchotchke-nature situation obvious.

Although it probably already was after the models covered each other in fake hayloft.

Leigh Lezark was, we can almost guarantee it, not visibly impressed. And we're not going to be the ones to give her the satisfaction of commenting on her outfit.

Even Coco's iconic suiting got a dash of homespun.

We're guessing Prince has already earmarked that top.

And he will work it - probably in the sample size.

Hope you guys are psyched for some stark palettes come spring, cause that's what we're getting!

Also, loadsa lace and more transparent action than you can shake a stick - or a slip - at.

The Kaiser's probably overcome at the sight of Rihanna as Chanel-gone-modern; this is what he lives for.

Say what you will, as Yes would put it, he can put the sweetness in and stir it with a spoon.

Could Virginie Ledoyen look any more classic-French is she tried? And come to think of it, she probably did!

Claudia Schiffer goes classic.

You know what the best thing about not being a celebrity is? You can say things like this: WTF is up with Sean Lennon? And nobody cares and there's no feud and your publicist isn't pissed.

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