Still perplexed about how Chicago got passed over for the 2016 Olympics, even after Obama brought his Midwestern charm to Copenhagen and everything? The Daily Show's Samantha Bee explains what went wrong: It was all about the mascots.

Madrid, for instance, overestimated the appeal of a bull with multiple stab wounds. Tokyo's Olympic bunny was adorable — except for what she was wearing. And as for Chicago, well, you don't win friends with Blago. Up to that point, the jokes were coming down more on the "stereotypical and weak" side than the "funny" side for me (although the phrase "Tapas, the nearly-dead bull" got me), but then Bee totally made an almost year-old Blagojevich joke work: "He had tried to sell the position of mascot, but didn't get a high enough bid, so he took it for himself... It's a fucking valuable thing, Jon, he wasn't gonna give it away for nothin'!" Hee!

No more culturally sensitive but still amusing was Bee's explanation of Rio's winning strategy: The theme "A World of Ass," illustrated with animated, bethonged lady butts. Stereotypical and sexist, sure, but still a butt joke, which makes it funny. Those are the rules. And if you can't appreciate the "proposed double-dome" stadium image, I don't think I want to be your friend.


Even more importantly, you can't have a bunch of Brazilian jokes without mentioning pubic hair! Or well, indirectly mentioning it. The first time I watched this, I was multitasking, so I wasn't paying attention to the graphic depicting a map of the triangular city, with darkened areas being rrrripped "away from these regions" so Rio would "be left with a very manageable strip of city to keep tidy for the Olympics." ("I think it would look weird if they cleaned it all up.") Anna had to point out to me that I'd missed the best line in the whole thing — not to mention the "itchiness" anvil specifically aimed at those of us who weren't getting it — while I was still busy giggling about how butts are funny. That's a devoted editor for you, people. And one more tasteless joke that renews my devotion to Samantha Bee.