Sarah Palin will not go away, and people like Amy Siskind think appealing to our ovaries will make women support her in 2012. Let me tell them something: basing our votes on identity is an idiotic strategy!

Okay, let me get this out of the way first. Amy Siskind is not talking to me. Queen PUMA over there isn't counting us folks with brown vaginas, as we are all obviously going to vote with the brown parts, not the pink parts. So, once again, "women" really means "white women," which is who she thinks should be voting for Sarah Palin.


Siskind begins her Daily Beast article with the circular logic that will characterize the piece in its entirety:

I am a lifelong Democrat who for the first time in my life voted Republican in the 2008 elections. I did this for one reason: McCain selected a woman as his running mate. For this act, I was accused of having lost part of my mental faculty: Some circa Victorian act of "voting with my uterus." Strange, that. The Democratic women were corralled to vote for Obama in 2008 because of one issue: reproductive rights. n other words, as my friend Cynthia Ruccia observed, "voting with their uterus."

Siskind complains Obama did not appoint enough women, but ignores the creation of the Council on Women and Girls, and HRC's women-centric security strategy. A while back, I had asked what makes a presidency feminist friendly. While I still question the ultimate legacy of the White House, I am 110% sure that every feminist bone in my body is screaming at the thought of Palin anywhere near the Oval Office. Top five reasons why Palin makes me want puke in my mouth:

Over two pages of blithering, Siskind directly refers to Palin only twice.

Here's the difference: Sarah Palin played women's basketball. That's how she got the nickname "Sarah Barracuda." And she's had to maintain that same toughness and sensibility as she entered the world of politics-which is, after all, no less a contact sport.

Well, fuck, if that's the logic, Sheryl Swoopes 2012! She made it to the WNBA. Can the Thrilla from Wasilla top that?

Siskind also says:

I know I'll hear from critics who claim that Palin would not share my policy views. But what makes them so sure? As governor of Alaska, didn't Sarah Palin appoint Justice Morgan Christen, who is pro-choice and a former board member of Planned Parenthood, to become Alaska's second female Supreme Court justice?

So the argument here is "she's got a pro-choice friend?"

You want women to vote for Palin? Show us something. Where's her plan on combating poverty? What's her plan for national security? Who is her team of advisers on the economy? What the hell is this woman about, besides a whole bunch of folksy ways and race-baiting?

Voting by identity alone is a stupid strategy. Just because someone is a woman doesn't mean she gives a fuck about women's rights. Just because someone is a POC doesn't mean he or she cares one iota about his or her community. You can't trust these nebulous notions of identity because everyone defines them differently. As such, the best strategy is to decide which issues are most important to you, and then vote along those lines.


If critics want to diss Obama, fine, but for the love of god, don't prop up some weak sauce candidate because she represents some mythical unified vadge-ocracy. It doesn't exist.

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