Westwood's red label show in London took cues from nutty peasants; her show today in Paris was for royalty gone wacko.

I can't explain the makeup, the hair, or the cape, but I know that the text on that baby says "Get A Life!"

I'm pretty sure there's a global warming message lurking in this runner's ensemble, but I'm too busy checking out the shimmery wrap.

Something subtle, for work, when your inner Marie Antoinette is dying to get out.

The plaid/Makes me sad.

Any ideas what's going on here? The jacket looks like it's made of sumptuous silk. Team No Pants gets chilly sometimes.

Let them eat cake an apple!

I call this one "La Mariée De Cadavre." That's "The Corpse Bride" en Français.

I think I just found my New Year's Eve outfit!

The woman drinks her own Kool-Aid, at least.

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