Now that Kristin has joined the cast of The Hills, things are already changing, like the fact that JustinBobby has lost all his cool cache, and resorts to flirting by asking girls their sign. Oh, and also, Stephanie Pratt's schnozz.

OK, so in the first scene, Audrina, Lo and Stephanie are talking about how they're going to go to Heidi and Spencer's "welcome back" party. Steph obviously has her new nose here.


However, at the party, she has her old nose.

In her next scene, she's talking to Audrina about the events of the party, and she has her new nose again.

But then at Frankie's birthday party, her old nose returns.

BTW, how old was Frankie turning? 48?

After Frankie's party, Stephanie's new nose again, on the scene.

But only time will tell if it will stay.