Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are reportedly discussing a prenuptial agreement as they prepare to marry this weekend, and apparently they're not alone; according to the BBC, prenuptial agreements are on the rise, thanks in part to high-profile celebrity splits.

According to David Allison, the head of Resolution, a UK group comprised of 5,700 lawyers, "There's been a tenfold increase in 'pre-nups'. I'm doing considerably more now than I have ever done before and that experience is mirrored around the rest of the country. People are doing it because they want to be able to sort this stuff out now rather than later on."

Lawyers argue that high profile celebrity divorces, such as the divorce of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, which cost McCartney roughly 30 million pounds, have contributed to the rise in prenups as they have allowed couples to view the financial and emotional toll of a messy divorce on a large scale. Though most people don't have McCartney's money, the lack of a prenup in his divorce still serves as a reminder that when things can get very ugly if a couple splits without a plan of sorts in place.

Though I personally have no plans to sign a prenup (mostly due to the fact that I don't think anyone is going to fight me for possession of my very chic 8th grade wardrobe or collection of Ramona Quimby books), I can see the benefits behind one, as cold and unromantic as it may be. Marriage is a contractual agreement on many levels, and with half of all marriages ending in divorce, protection set up to avoid a nasty, drawn out divorce battle might be worthwhile. The romantic in me hates them and finds them dreadful and tacky, but the realist in me can understand why many people feel the need to sign them.

So what say you, commenters? Are prenups necessary in a time when half of all marriages fail? Can you still be romantic while being practical? Or are prenups total romance killers?


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