Former club kid and Heatherette designer Richie Rich showed his A Muse collection at New Zealand Fashion Week today, and if you're into bright colors, crazy patterns, men in teeny swim trunks and Pamela Anderson half-naked, you're in luck!

While some of the garments were totally insane, this little patterned number is actually wearable.

And for a beachy, summery, easy look, it doesn't get much better than this.

Team No Pants is winning. You realize that, right?

Bright, fun, youthful.

May induce migraines.

'Sup, Mr. Gratuitous Objectification.

This dress is a little off, but also kind of sweet — it's some kooky girl's fantasy prom dress, rest assured.

Smack as in smack your lips? Or smack as in, "You've gotta be on smack if you think this passes as a dress"?

'Sup, Mr. Scissors.

I could see one of those Young Hollywood types rocking this at a party.

'Sup, Mr. I'm Shy About My Package.

Teen dream? Or sensory overload?

The weird thing about this collection is that the casual stuff is all street stencils and low-budget looking…

…And then there are some really elegant pieces that aren't a total joke.

'Sup, Mr. Wedgie.

'Sup, Mr. Strategically-Placed Sunglasses.

Is this really what the world needs right now? I don't think so.

On one hand, there's an unapologetic zest for zaniness and party-never-stops energy in this. On the other hand, for the love of Miami Vice! This is terrifying!

There's been a lot of electric blue on the runways, and I like it.

So Pamela Anderson and Richie Rich came out at the end of the show…

…And did whatever it is that you want to call this…

…And that's all she wrote.

[Images via Getty.]