Hearts! Bows! Eyelet! Um, Coca-Cola bottles! Moschino's unabashedly girly collection for spring 2010 — shown in Milan yesterday — will put a huge smile on your face.

The runway had a giant pink heart backdrop, just because.

This hat! Is a daisy! Franco Moschino, who died 1994, always did silly, eccentric, colorful stuff, and the design house keeps his dream alive.

Velvet bows! This is ridiculously adorable, if a little short.

Daisy vision?

Wear this chic little shorts suit when running errands in St-Tropez.

The ruffles remind me of a Harlequin; the hearts on the belt are soooo deliciously 5th grade.

Even if I wouldn't wear this, I love looking at clothes made with a sense of whimsy and humor.

The gown is gorgeous, the oversized nameplate? Hilarious.

Delightful from head to toe, even if it is just an oversized T-shirt.

I don't know what the bag is about, but the ladylike shoes with ribbon laces are making little hearts appear where my pupils should be.

Pink eyelet bloomers, on someone over the age of 5, seem absurd. But that's the point, right?

The designers are quacking me up.

Just a little something to wear to a garden party.

I'll need these in an 8½ or a 9. Thanks.

Willy Wonka's girlfriend.

Mia Farrow wore floaty little numbers like this in Rosemary's Baby.

In a related show, Moschino Coke bottles walked the runway.

It's like Magritte… on coke!

[Images via Getty.]