In the '80s, Armani was known for his glam, well-tailored powersuits, and there's a hint of that strong sexiness in the collection he showed in Milan today for spring 2010. These are women you do not want to mess with.

Love the bold, bright colors and sharp-as-a-knife lines on this simple strapless number.

Meek wallflowers need not apply. From the saturated jewel tones to the thigh-slit, it's all about commanding attention — and keeping it.


Loving the rich, vibrant hues!

Electric blue trousers? Yes. For taking care of business.


Somehow this is totally sexy without revealing anything, or being skin-tight.

And it's just so great to see so much color on the runway.


Ladylike without being fussy, frilly or froufrou.

Even though I've been worried about the Direction In Which Pants Are Going, these evening trousers are perfectly elegant.


Le sleek, so chic.

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