Underwear as outerwear. Sheer layers on top of sheer layers. The Just Cavalli show — by Roberto Cavalli — kicked off Milan Fashion Week today, and his designs for spring 2010 were all over the place. Cute and confusing!

Even though there's some kind of waist-defining corset thingy happening here, this is one of the few garments that doesn't look pieced together from the remnants bin at a vintage store.

This is a little more representative of the Just Cavalli collection: Sheer and opaque layers, shredded jeans. The man's known for his animal prints, so the bangles are a must.

I think this is a dress over a tank over a bustier. Love the soft hues; hate the "I've Just Been Touched By Cavalli" slogan on the top.

Can gauzy sheers be rock and roll? They can try. But this is really just a few steps away from an '80s David Lee Roth mesh ensemble.

The cups seem '50s retro, but then the studs and shredding are more '80s. And just when and where is this appropriate? Turn that music down. Get off my lawn. Etc.

Some of the sheer dresses are quite pretty in and of themselves, but the see-through-ness makes figuring out how to wear this in the real world a perplexing conundrum.

Meh. And I heart JC just makes me think Jesus Christ. Or our friend from *NSync.

But, see, this is kind of gorgeous! It's like, fairy-princess disco, or something. Like a kid playing dress-up grandma's lingerie drawer. If grandma sometimes went to Studio 54.

Short, tight, ruched and meh. And Boo.

More layering, which I like, though the bra-over-the-shirt is a firm No.

This dress is both innocent and naughty. You wouldn't think the pink and black would work together, but they do. I think I like it? I'm so confuzzled.

Okay, this I know I like. Flapper-esque, shimmying textures and layers, a hint of shine, a teeny bit sexy. My favorite piece.

Is it a scarf? Is it a T-shirt? Will it fall in the toilet when you pee?

Yuck. But thanks anyway.

Black on black crime.

Roberto would like for us to call him Bobby now, I guess. Bobby: Your collection's a mess.

[Images via Getty.]