Condé Nast has reportedly ordered Glamour- among other magazines - to cut its budget by a staggering 25%. A source says they'll do it with layoffs, but why not axe some of the magazine's content instead? We have some suggestions!

Lopping a quarter off October Glamour is easy — and fun. Here's what we'd do:

— Who needs "8 Little Things That Mess Up Your Skin?" Let's cut two — "Not Having Enough Fun," because good skin is a stupid reason to have fun, and "Going to Bed with Your Makeup On," because, duh.
— Similarly, do we really need "8 Ways To Be a Smarter (Chicer!) Shopper?" We'd get rid of "I'll spend within my means" — because an expectation to shop wisely is the recession's No. 1 Sign of Impending Advertorial Content. And "I'll be more likely to buy when it's for a cause" — because any mention of charity is Sign No. 2.
— On the "Health Help" page, cut the item about how your pillow is the dirtiest thing in your bedroom. It just makes us think of Carrie.
— From "How to Do Your Makeup Exactly Like a Pro," remove either primer, foundation, or concealer. If Glamour needs to make deeper cuts later, they can jettison the makeup tips entirely and just print a handy pullout mask.
— We're not totally sure what percent of the magazine this is, but just get rid of the whole "Hey, it's okay!" page. Replace it with small text someplace in the front that reads "Despite everything this magazine tells you, you are allowed to eat food, have sex, and think thoughts." Should have about the same effect.
— Eliminate the products in "Gwen's faves for $40 and under" that come from Gwen Stefani's own line. This is actually more than 25%, so Glamour would have room to add more groundbreaking beauty tips from "Gwen," like using Pantene Pro-V on your hair!
— In "One Idea/Seven Outfits," cut this one:

Because seriously.

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