The 10th annual New Yorkers for Children fall gala at Cipriani 42nd Street brought out Mary J., Joy Bryant, Maggie Rizer, half the Social Register - and one of the best looks of the year.

Mary J. lets the color do the talking.

One of you once coined a very good rule of thumb: if you can't describe an outfit in a single sentence, there's generally a problem. Jessica Seinfeld should have taken note.

Jullianna Margulies: a stark twist on the LBD.

Dayssi Kanavo demonstrates that draped ruffles are kind of like conjugating a French verb: if the first one is, the second one isn't. Or, in this case, shouldn't be.

I'm glad that, like me, Joy Bryant appreciates the style of Mrs. Roper. But she's taken it to another level entirely.

If you're going to do disco sparkle, Hilary Rhoda shows how it's done: total glam.

Selita Ebanks' outfit is definitely in my 2009 top ten. I am almost blinded by the beauty.

Tinsley Mortimer demonstrates total socialite confident chic - digging the mini for a gala.

Maggie Rizer does glam 30s society bride - always a good thing!

Paulina Porizkova is skewing a tad Valley of the Dolls, no?

Whereas Thalia is totally Casino!

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